10 January 2015

A Quick Review of Project 365

I thought I would do a post on how I feel my Project 365 for 2015 is going.  The short story is I feel it is up and down.  The long story is, well, longer.

To start with the short story, I have taken a photo every day of the year so far.  I could call that success and end it right there.  However that is not the real purpose of doing this project.  We need to look at what the overall goal is in order to judge if I am successful or not.   I should have done a post in the beginning clearly stating what that goal really is.

My goal from the start is to help improve my photography.   Quite simple, really.  I like simple.

How does taking a photo a day help improve one's photography?  There are several things in my opinion that this does for you:

  1. It develops a habit to taking more photos.  You become more accustomed to doing photography. 
  2. It makes you think.  You have 365 photographs to take, you need ideas so that you are not always doing a still life (or macro,  ahem) at 10 PM at night.  
  3. It gives you a chance to experiment.  Those ideas you thought about before, well now you can try them out.  If you read about a technique in a magazine or online, now you have an excuse to work on them.  
The long story, am I happy.  Sort of.  I know that is a wishy washy answer but I am pleased with some of the photos.  Others are just sort of blah.  I knew it would be this way.  I need to look at the long term at the end of the year.  Did I improve?  Do I feel more confident?  Did I try new things?  If I have done two out of three of those then I would call it a success.  

Right now it is too early to tell.