07 January 2015

Lego Day 6 of 365 - with setup photo!

Keeping with the theme of the week this is a macro shot of a Lego base. I am pleased with the detail captured here. I know this may not be a very exciting subject, but they cannot all be creative genius.

Here is the set up for the above photo.  The setup photo was taken with my new Canon S110.  I just got the camera yesterday after wanting a point and shoot that would shoot raw for a long time.  This camera will be my "walking around" camera that I will keep on me most of the time.

As you can see I have the centre column of my Vanguard tripod at 180 degrees.  I have a ring light on my macro lens for lighting.  The ring light is a cheap alternative to a ring flash.  It works well for stationary object.  It is branded Neewer and I picked it up from Amazon.