17 February 2015

Beer on Fire Day 46 of 365

 I started on this with the plan to do some abstract light painting.  I had seen this done with a wine glass.  I decided to do with a beer glass.  With beer.

My setup for this started with an empty glass.  I did a few practise shots, set focus, etc.  The glass is sitting on glass from a picture frame.  The background is two black towels.  In some shots I noticed I could see my hand so I put on a black glove.

While doing shots I decided on one to just keep the flashlight behind the glass.  I liked it.  I tried a bunch and this is the one I picked to work on.

Once again I left Lightroom.  I used Elements to add an overlay layer and the brush tool to paint the background black.  There was some light spillage so I was cleaning it up.

The glass itself was not done with any layers.  I adjusted the clarity and shadows and highlights a bit.  

The beer is Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale.  I drank it after I was done.